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The North Carolina Caucus of Black School Board Members (the Caucus) was established in 2000 by African American school board members for the purpose of strengthening board leadership and public policy skills in public education. In keeping with its’ mission and purpose, the Caucus provides a forum for discussion and exchange of issues, concerns, ideas and strategies designed to improve opportunities, close achievement gaps among sub-groups of students and access to a quality education.


The Caucus annually participates in several educational programs and activities through a network of educational and institutional stakeholders both nationally and within North Carolina. These programs and events include:


  • Annual Fall Retreat & Issues Forum, held annually at a historically black college and university in NC addresses a broad range of education issues, policies and practices.

  • The NC Black Summit, in conjunction with the NC Alliance of Black Elected Officials is an annual collaborative event that addresses disparities in education, health, economics and criminal justice.   

  • HK on J (Historic Thousands on Jones St.) is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition led by NAACP, united around a progressive, long-term, public policy agenda that also seeks to advocate for a “14 point education platform” in support of public education.

  • The NCSBA Annual Conference for Board Member Development provides opportunities for the Caucus to conduct and lead workshops on a variety of education topics unique to African American members and children in public education.

  • The Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement formerly Raising Achievement and Closing Gaps (RACG) annual conference, brings educators and practitioners together to share best practices and strategies for raising achievement and closing gaps in education.

  • NCAT Urban Institute is another annual event supported by the Caucus and  hosted by NC A&T that addresses a diverse range of school issues on literacy, S.T.E.M. education, teacher effectivemess and black male achievement.

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