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The mission of the North Carolina Caucus of Black School Board Members is to ensure that our communities

are better informed about policies and practices implemented by governing bodies which affect students.


Our Purpose


The purpose of the Caucus shall be to:


1.  Provide a forum for the unique problems faced by black school board members throughout the state;

2.  Serve as an official advisory Caucus on matters relating to affairs of local school boards, school communities, state and national school board associations;

3.  Promote better relationships and understanding between school board members, their local boards, local communities, and state and national school boards associations; and

4.  Provide a means whereby school board members can actively participate in the dialogue on educational problems, issues and concerns in conjunction with the North Carolina School Boards Association and other state and national organizations committed to the continued growth and development of children.



We Need You!

North Carolina superintendents, principals, teachers, staff, district employees, and parents play a vital role in the achievement of our children. Our goal as educators and board members is to encourage our communities and ensure information is available to better service our students through policies and practices.


Join the NCCBSBM in stepping up and supporting our future....our children. We speak volumes when we speak up! Join today in the continuous building of education foundations and the educational system. Without you, we cannot progress!

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